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When it comes to ticks, experts say 2024 may be the worst season ever.

This is bad news. Not only can pets transport ticks into homes and onto humans, but the risk of a tick bite is significantly higher for dog owners. Experts say prevention is key.

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If you go for a walk in the woods—or even in your backyard—you may go home covered in ticks. And if you send your dog for a run, he or she might come back crawling with ticks.

If it seems like tick seasons are getting longer and worse, that’s because they are. And if it seems like 2024 is the worst—or nearly the worst—in memory, that’s because it is.

“From 2020 to this year, there’s a 100% increase in the number of ticks humans have encountered,” says Saravanan Thangamani, professor in the department of microbiology and immunology at SUNY Upstate Medical University who tracks ticks and tick-borne diseases.

“So far, this is the second worst year in recent history,” says Goudarz Moulaei, a clinical professor at Yale University’s School of Public Health, where residents send ticks that have bitten them for identification and counting.

“We are seeing changes in the frequency and dynamics of tick and tick-borne disease activity throughout the northeast U.S., down to New Jersy and Pennsylvania as well,” says Moulaei. ”We're also seeing it in the upper Midwest, in states like Wisconsin and Minnesota.”

“Alterations in tick and tick-borne disease patterns are evident across the northeastern United States, reaching as far south as New Jersey and Pennsylvania," remarks Moulaei. "Comparable changes are also being noted in the upper Midwest, encompassing states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota.” says Moulaei. “We’re also seeing it in the upper Midwest, in states like Wisconsin and Minnesota.”

While the Northeast and Midwest are hot spots for ticks, the pests are found all over the country, in different numbers and concentrations of four common ticks—the American dog tick, the black-legged (deer) tick, the western black-legged tick and the lone star tick—and reports make it clear that few parts of the U.S. are tick-free.

The CDC also lists the 16 most common diseases ticks can
transmit to humans, including

  • Lyme disease

  • Rocky Mountain
    spotted fever

  • Babesiosis

  • Tularemia

When it comes to protecting against tick bites, experts suggest tucking your pants into your socks, using insect repellent on yourself and your clothes, doing a complete check of yourself and your pets when you get home, and using tick prevention -- For dogs especially.

To do this, pet owners across the U.S. are using a new, highly-effective, veterinary-developed and approved, 4-in-1 natural plant oil solution that supports tick prevention.

This is critical pet care most vets will say, as ticks will bite and feed on your dog or cat for up to a few days, and drop off once they're full. During this time, the tick can give your pet a disease. Including a serious bacterial infection called Lyme disease, which can then be passed to humans.

Ticks can even consume enough blood to cause anemia. And certain female ticks can cause paralysis in dogs as a result of a toxin they produce while feeding.

That’s why, “It’s important to help keep your pets tick free. As ticks can cause anemia, paralysis and many other diseases in your pet.”

- A Sample, Veterinarian

This new product, Dr. Rover Tick Off contains only “good stuff” and no harmful chemicals, ingredients or artificial colors, and has a fresh, natural scent that won’t irritate a dog’s delicate sense of smell.

Tick Off helps pets stay safe and fully protected outdoors.

For people with pets who love the outdoors, protecting them from ticks is important. Dr. Rover Tick Off was carefully formulated with only safe, effective, natural repellent oils to protect pets by warding off ticks.

Tick Off is perfect for pet owners who:

  • Want to keep their pets safe while outside
  • Want to feel confident they are actively repelling ticks
  • Want to keep their pet safe without harmful chemicals
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What’s Inside
Dr. Rover Tick Off …

Tick Off’s 4-in-1 oil blend is all natural and safe for you, for your pet, and for your home, kids and the environment.

As its main ingredients, Tick Off contains Pine Oil, Tea Tree, Cedarwood oil, and Oregano Oil – Which together form a tick-free barrier on your pet’s fur. This blend of natural oils is 100% tick repellant. And if a tick does manage to get into their fur, this natural oil blend will kill the tick overnight.

And even though it’s made from natural oils, it is not oily. Simply spray it on and it will start working immediately to protect your pet.

Dr. Rover Tick Off is the perfect anti-tick spray for pet safety outdoors.

Dr. Rover Tick Off spray contains only healthy oils that help pets stay tick-free and safe while in the yard or out on an adventure.

  • Keeps ticks off …

    Repels ticks on contact from grass, bushes or trees.

  • Kills any ticks that may burrow …

    So they can’t do any damage to your pet.

  • Keeps pets healthy …

    By protecting them from common tick-born diseases.

  • Provides peace of mind …

    So owners can continue to have adventures with their pet or let them
    out in the yard.

Dr. Rover products are vet-approved, made in U.S., clinically proven, and 100% safe and all natural.

Tick Off is recommended for all pets who enjoy being outside.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes and Dr. Rover Tick off is recommended for all of them. Simply spray great-smelling Tick Off over your pet before taking them outdoors, or in the morning before letting them into your yard for the day.

Each 4 ounce bottle will last for about 30 days of normal use. So buyers are encouraged to determine how many bottles their pet will need and order accordingly so they don’t run out.

Pets need Tick off, and their humans love it. Plus, it is Veterinarian formulated and recommended. Dr. Rover products are formulated in consultation with leading veterinarians, biochemists and pet lovers to ensure the highest quality, safety and effectiveness for your pet.

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